New spell coefficients

Not a real post, but a post directing you to look at the new spell coefficients that Ophelie came up with at her blog, The Bossy Pally and the Giant Spoon:

My only comment is: “No frigging wonder Holy Light doesn’t hit for damn near anything.”

Thanks for doing the scary math stuff, Ophelie! <3


  1. Ophelie says:

    Ah, if someone wants to double check my values, it would ease my mind. Now I’m all worried that I might not have done it properly or that coefficients don’t work like they did before the patch.

    Going to go over it all again tonight.

  2. Richard Gilbertson says:

    Mastery at 80 is crap from my tests.

    CRIT is everything I kept telling everyone but being ignored for the “gotta have haste is better” crowd.

  3. Kurn says:

    Ophelia – keep me posted on that math stuff. ;)

    Richard – Your tests are inaccurate because Mastery is not able to be reliably tracked at this point. Further, crit does very little for us right now in a raid setting because our heals are being sniped because our heals take too long to cast. 1017 haste brings us down to a 1s GCD with JotP and with 5% spell haste and allows us to get out Holy Shocks and Words of Glory that much more quickly as well as hasted Holy Lights, Divine Lights and Flashes of Light, along with the Infusion of Light proc that will give us a blazingly fast Holy Light.

    With over 40% crit raid-buffed, I have zero problems keeping up 3 stacks of Conviction and have a healthy number of my Holy Shocks (61.5%) crit, which proc IoL, obviously.

    Crit, right now, is just silly. We can’t achieve 100% crit so that EVERYTHING will always crit. Obviously, this also depends on your raid group and the healers there, but 50% crit vs. 60% crit won’t give you that much of a difference if the other healers are remotely on top of their game. Whereas 1s between Holy Shocks and Words of Glory will make much more of an impact.

    My thoughts — not my recommendations right now, but my thoughts — are:

    Int > Haste to 1017ish > Mastery > Crit > Spirit

    Of course, that is also pending actual visibility of our mastery in action.

  4. Alfimi says:


    I did notice some difference in my healing last night, even if i was completely braindead by the time we finished raiding – long work day + raids on US server time = mmmm i love my midweek ‘weekend’.

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