Naming Stuff and Sneak Peek

All righty, I’ve been working on this guide to being a Kick-Ass Guild Master and I find that I need your input on a site name.

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So, please take a second to vote, pretty please! And if you think all of those names suck, please post your suggestions in the comments. :)

And now, here is a sneak preview of a portion of Module 2 of the Kick-Ass GM Guide: How to Recruit. It’s all of Step 3 in the Finding Recruits section.



  1. Maj the Mage says:

    Kurn’s Guild Guide

  2. Jaymz says:

    Unless you’re purposely trying to promote yourself more than the guide, either leave your name off or put it at the end. Just my opinion.
    I like the “by Kurn” but I think it needs more than just “Guide(s)” in the title. I’m bad at being inventive though.

  3. Maj the Mage says:

    As per Jay’s suggestion I also like “The Guild Building Guide” or “The Guide to Building Your Guild” or “Guilds: Building, Maintainace, and Mastery”

  4. Joe Ego says:

    Maj makes sense. This is not surprising because he is the one, traditionally, making sense.

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